• CSI Specification

    Standard specification for decorative glass rainscreen systems, downloadable as a Word document. This spec template can be modified to the requirements of each project, and contains notes and prompts to facilitate the creation of a specification appropriate to the architects’ needs.

  • Rainscreen Fittings Detail Drawings

    Choose from Bendheim Wall-F, Wall-VH, Wall-H, and Wall-LH Clips frame detail PDF drawings or download all files as a compressed zip folder.

    Wall-F ClipsFlat / No OverlapDownload
    Wall-VH ClipsVertical and Horizontal Overlap Download
    Wall-H ClipsHorizontal OverlapDownload
    Wall-LH Clips“Light” Horizontal Overlap Download
  • Rainscreen Brochure

    Colorful PDF tri-fold brochure outlines the key benefits of our decorative flat glass rainscreen systems, components, and options.

  • Case Study: Commercial Retrofit

    How to raise the profile of an old office building and increase its rent revenue potential.

  • Construction Canada Article on Rainscreen Systems

    "Construction Canada," the official publication of CSC (Construction Specifications Canada), featured Bendheim Wall Systems’ educational article titled “Glass Rainscreen Systems Enhance the Building Envelope” as the magazine’s February 2015 Cover Story.

  • High Rise Facilities Article on Rainscreen Systems

    "High Rise Facilities" features Bendheim Wall Systems’ educational article titled "Protect Your High-Rise from the Elements with Glass Rainscreens" in the magazine’s September 2015 issue.

  • Premium Content

    Practicing Architects, Designers, and Specifiers: Please log in for unlimited access to Bendheim Wall Systems' web tools and features, including CAD detail drawings.

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Bendheim Glass Rainscreens Win “Money-Saving” Building Product Award

Bendheim is proud to announce its Decorative Glass Rainscreen Systems is a 2016 BUILDINGS Money-Saving Products winner. The prizewinning, budget-smart systems offer the building durable protection against costly moisture damage. Individual glass panels can be installed in less than a minute, and panel removal or replacement does not require deglazing surrounding panels, allowing for speedy… read more

Bendheim Launches Educational Microsite on Architectural Rainscreen Claddings

Bendheim launched a new microsite on rainscreen technology. This educational web tool is the most comprehensive resource on the benefits and design principles of rainscreens, complete with: Illustrated explanation of the rainscreen principle; Technical comparison of Pressure-Equalized vs. Drained & Back-Ventilated rainscreens; Case studies; Installation & maintenance information. Rainscreens are multi-layer building defense systems, offering… read more

Protect Your High-Rise from the Elements with Glass Rainscreens

High Rise Facilities magazine’s September 2015 issue features our article on rainscreen applications for tall building towers. The article analyzes the leading causes of facade failure in high-rises, and investigates the potential benefits of glass rainscreens as an added layer of facade protection. To read the complete educational article (authorized PDF reprint), please follow this… read more

5 Ways Glass Rainscreens Can Benefit Your Building

Building facades take on the daily brunt of the elements, contribute to efficiency of the building and health of the occupants, and say a lot about the value and image of the property. How exteriors look and function matters. When it comes to damage to exteriors, moisture is the main culprit. Various forces are at… read more

Our Glass Rainscreen Systems on the Cover of Construction Canada Magazine

Construction Canada, a leading architecture and design publication with a qualified audience of over 12,000 professional readers, selected to feature an educational article authored by Bendheim’s Head of Technical Design on the cover the magazine’s February issue. The article provides an in-depth analysis of the role glass rainscreen technology plays in the protection and enhancement… read more

Retrofit on Schedule & on Budget: A Rainscreen Case Study | Video

Bendheim Wall-F rainscreen system effortlessly upgrades a commercial building without costly, wasteful demolition   About Rainscreen Applications for Retrofit Projects An architectural rainscreen is an over-cladding system that is drained and back-ventilated, or pressure equalized. Both rainscreen types allow water to escape and air to circulate behind them. Rainscreen systems can reduce the risk of… read more

Enhanced Rainscreen Technology Benefits New Construction

Bendheim rainscreen systems help create beautiful & long-lasting buildings, protecting our collective architectural legacy   What is a Rainscreen? A rainscreen is an exterior wall cladding that stands off from the building’s exterior weather-resistant barrier. It envelopes and protects the building facade from water infiltration, controlling water drainage and evaporation. In lay terms, a rainscreen… read more

Video Demonstrates Smart New Rainscreen System

Bendheim Wall Systems’ new decorative glass rainscreens feature patented Längle mechanical fittings, precision-manufactured in Austria. Unlike most systems, they require no cut-outs or holes in the glass, affording superior wall strength. They also offer a patented quick assembly method, allowing individual glass panels to be quickly and easily replaced without having to deglaze surrounding panels…. read more

New Glass Wall Systems Expand Possibilities for Building Exteriors & Interiors

Innovative systems require no special skills or experience to install exterior & interior glass walls quickly and on budget   Ease of Installation & Maintenance for Exterior & Interior Glass Walls Whether working on a new project or a retrofit, architects and installers are often challenged by demanding site conditions and the mandate to complete… read more

Bendheim Wall Systems Inc. Partners With Längle of Austria to Introduce First-of-Their-Kind Glass Rainscreen Systems

Bendheim Wall Systems Inc. and Längle of Austria are happy to announce our exclusive collaboration and the introduction of several innovative, pressure-equalized decorative glass rainscreen systems. This partnership draws on the strength of more than 200 years of collective glass experience and combines Bendheim’s knowledge of decorative glass, Bendheim Wall Systems’ engineering and wall systems… read more